Auto Trading Platform

Virtual currency investors
who suffer from sleep deprivation

Sleep Trading Platform

Maximize your profits by supporting
buy&sell pairs, stop-loss, and trailing-stop

Now you can trade with chatbot

When you receive a buy/sell alarm,
you can buy/sell the chatbot quickly and conveniently by simply clicking on the button.

A very easy to use sleeping platform

The existing technology-based automated trading program is inconvenient for general users to understand and use,
but the sleep trading platform is very easy to use and is only available in 5 minutes.

Sleep trading platform that works with
various virtual currency exchanges

You can manage 2,323 trading pairs
of various virtual foreign exchange exchanges as well as domestic
virtual currency exchanges in one place
and deal with very fast speed.

Auto Trading Platform

Autotrading-in-Sleep: AutoInSleep

For investors struggling

with sleep deprivation

$Maximize your earnings

  • Buy/Sell single transactions
  • Buy&Sell pairs
  • stop-loss
  • trailing-stop


Very easy to use

!Only 5 minutes

  • Automated Trading
  • Not same others
  • very easy to use
  • Just 5min

Interchange of exchange

Various market

&Integrated Management

  • Korea markets
  • Overseas markets
  • 2,323 trading pairs
  • So Fast!

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